8th & Elm Street Farmers Market - there are no ATM's.


At the Market - is up to the individual farmers. Please ask a farmer before writing a check.


For the CSA - should be made out to: Robeson County Farmers Market

                         should be mailed to: Robeson County Farmers Market 

                                                              c/o Paul Buie

                                                              3241 Tolarsville Road

                                                              St. Pauls, NC 28384


Parking is available right next to the market area and in the parking lot across Elm Street. Please be considerate of the few spaces that allow wheelchair access to the market area. Please also be mindful of children and pedestrians who frequent the market as they may not be visible behind some vehicles during high-traffic times.


Due to updated food safety regulations and concerns, pets, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed in the market. Please respect our vendors and others by keep your pet away from the vendor area while you shop. We appreciate your support.


8th & Elm Street Farmers Market - Restrooms are located in the basement of the building across the parking lot from the market area. You may enter down the steps from the parking lot and follow the hallway around to the right to the men’s and women’s restrooms. Please be considerate of the facilities as they are made available to the market by Robeson County and are a privilege.


In consideration for families and non-smokers who frequent the Robeson County Farmers Market, please smoke outside the Market area.